Welcome on board!

We will sail and cruise around, stop at beautiful places, swim in crystal clear blue sea, eat remarkable food, listen to great music and take each day as it comes.

But before we can do all that, we need to know how to behave on board of catamaran.

In our daily lives, we are so used to some commodities that most of the catamarans don’t have, so staying on board may feel a little unnatural at first.


On embarking!

  •  When stepping on gangway (plank), always check is it stable and firmly on boat and shore.
  •  Don’t walk too fast. Watch your step.
  •  After stepping on board, watch for any obstacle on deck.
  •  Boats are cleaned and washed prior embarkation, deck might be slippery.
  •  Take your luggage straight to the cabin, so it doesn’t occupy deck space unnecessarily.

Once on board

  •  Do not drink water from catamaran’s water tank. Use bottled water.
  •  Electricity on catamaran is provided by batteries (12 V), unless it is equipped by generator, have      inverter or connected to shore power (220V).
  •  If you charter bareboat, teach at least one crew member know how to handle basic controls and  start the engine.
  •  Do not empty waste tanks in marinas, near the shore and in protected areas.
  •  Don’t throw rubbish into the sea while catamaran sailing in Croatia.
  •  Save electricity while sailing. Batteries have limited capacity.
  •  Save water. Tanks have limited capacity. Sometimes it is hard to refill the tanks.
  •  Do not dive straight into the sea if you were exposed to the sun for too long (it can be shock).
  •  Open fire is forbidden.
  •  Be careful of the passing boats wake. Secure things.
  •  Keep your cabin and any personal belongings tidy and in compliance with health and safety requirements.
  • If you hire skipper, take his/her cell phone number.
  •  In case of bad weather, close all hatches and secure everything inside.
  •  To wave when passing by other sailing boats is custom and shows good crew behaviour if you help  someone with mooring, tomorrow someone will help you.