Why rent a catamaran in Croatia? – Catamaran Charter Benefits

Largest fleet of catamarans in Croatia to choose from

With developing nautical tourism, it is understandable why there is big demand for catamaran rentals in Croatia. All things considered, we’ll draw out a few facts about catamaran yachts; above all these boats are considerably larger. With large deck and spacious cabins, they are designed with sunbathing and relaxing in mind. The vast majority of catamarans in Croatia offer a comfortable trampoline nets in the front, and shaded cockpit in the back. Rent a catamaran in Croatia and find out why they offer superb sailing experience!

Brands And Models Catamaran Charter Croatia Rental

All catamaran brand and models available for sailing around Croatian islands

We, at charter-catamaran-croatia.com have all catamarans for charter in Croatia. This includes smaller multihulls suitable for up 10 people, mid-size vessels with 6 cabins for 12 people, and large luxury catamarans with crew included.

Beside sailing catamarans for leisure and racing, we have range of power catamarans in Croatia. Lack of sails reduces charter price for such vessels. Our multihull offer can be found here.

Despite being very big, cats have shallow draft which is ideal for anchorage in secluded bays of Adriatic. You can easily enter the shallow bays where most sailing yachts cannot, closer to the coast or a beach. Catamaran cruising is the attractive way to enjoy sailing without sacrificing comfort of your home or hotel. In addition, you can demand for safety net to be installed, so you can leave children on deck without fear of them falling overboard. Indeed, this way of spending sailing holiday is ideal for families.

In Charter Catamaran Croatia fleet we have famous Lagoon 450 catamaran for rent, as well as other prominent models like Lagoon 400, Lagoon 39, Lagoon 380, Nautitech 40, Bali 4.5, big luxury vessels Lagoon 620, Lagoon 560, Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 and many more.

Multihull history

Catamarans for charter where not invented in Croatia, as the main design for double and triple hull boats existed for over 3000 years. It was used by fishing community paravas, at the southern coast of Tamilnadu, India. That’s why the word catamaran originates from the Tamil language, in which the word kattumaram means “logs bound together”.

Later, these type of yachts (also known as cat boats) have been used for transport and fishing in the coastal waters of New England. At the beginning of 19th century multihulls were use for racing. In 20th century, catamarans are mainly used for charter, weekly sailing and leisure cruises.

Accomodation And Comfort On Catamaran Rental CroatiaAccommodation and comfort

Charter Catamaran Croatia offers catamarans for rent in Croatia that can accommodate up to 12 guests. And depending on lenght, they have from 2 to 5 toilets/showers. Majority of catamarans can be chartered without crew (nautical license required), fully crewed or only with a skipper.

As starting points for catamaran charter, number of cities and towns are available. Most popular among them are Split, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Šibenik and Zadar (Sukošan), Biograd, Seget Donji, Kaštela, and other places across Croatian coastline.

Catamarans sail on the same principle as a sailboats, but they have a lot more advantages. Among many, comfort, security, stability and speed are main advantages. Having 2 keels and 2 hulls, catamarans are extremely safe, stable and fast. Considering that while sailing they have minimal slope, makes them perfect choice for people who do not tolerate waves and rough sea.

As a result of this stability, you can experience more while sailing the Adriatic, regardless of the weather. Thanks to the large sail area and better stability, they generally sail much faster than regular monohulls. And having two widely separated engines, they are much easier to handle. Very useful when maneuvering in tight marinas.  It is reasonable to say that Catamarans for rent in Croatia are perfect blend of pleasure and comfortable sailing.

Thanks to two separated hulls catamaran offers more privacy and remarkable views from the elevated salon. We could easily say that only setback when chartering a double hulled yacht is overall higher price and more expensive fees in harbors, buoys and marinas. We have more than 600 multihulls for charter in Croatia, by renowned brands such as Lagoon, Catana, Fountane Pajot, Nautitech, Leopard and Privilege.

Facts About Sailing CatamaransCatamaran Charter in Croatia facts

Catamarans are a type of boats that have two hulls, usually equal in size. Their overall speeds are very high, making them a good choice for sport and recreational uses.

  • They are faster on average.
  • Due to the light proportion to their sail size, they have less power to take them through the turn when they are close hauling. For this reason catamarans can be more difficult to tack. Correct usage of the genoa is usually crucial in successfully completing a turn, without danger of stucking in irons (stopping against wind).
  • Thanks to their wide beam, catamarans are less likely to capsize, but are often leaning to ‘pole-axe’ (or ‘pitchpole’) instead.
Sailing school usually uses monohulls for teaching new sailors, as they are easier for learning how to sail. At the end,  blend of the differences mentioned probably contributes to this.

Note: Because of high interest for Catamaran Charter in Croatia, we strongly advise booking your catamaran at least 6 to 8 months in advance.

Multihulls and catamarans are in general faster than sailboats for these four reasons:

  • catamaran hulls are typically thinner in cross section than those of sailboats
  • they are overall lighter due to the lack of  heavy keel used for counterweight on monohulls
  • beam of the catamaran is wider(span from one side the other), giving them stability and accordingly possibility to take more sail area per unit of length than an equivalent monohull.
  • more stability means sail staying upright in a gust, pulling more power than a monohull’s sail which is more likely to heel over, and loose power.

Performance of catamarans

A catamaran has more chance to achieve top speed when it’s forward motion is not overly disrupted by wave movement. This is accomplished in such seas where the wavelength is considerably longer than the hulls waterline. It also can be accomplished by the design braking the waves. In either case pitching (rocking horse-like motion) is reduced. This has led to it being said that catamarans are especially favourable in coastal waters, where the often sheltered waters permit the boat to reach and maintain its maximum speed. Catamarans are ideal cruising and long range boats.

Catamarans over 45 feet long provide comfort, luxury and style. Ideal for pleasant sailing vacation in Croatia. Typical larger catamaran have 4 or five double cabins, with separate crew quarters. Unless it is a owner version, in which case they have three guest double bed cabins. These yachts are suitable for longer sailing cruises. Price for this kind of yachts range between 6,000 Euros up to 25,000 Euros per week.
Majority of catamarans for charter have 4 double cabins, with one or two single cabins for the crew. These vessels are economic but without loosing the ever demanded comfort. Price range for this category is between 4,000 to 10,000 Euros per week.

Benefits of catamaran charter

  • More space on deck, saloon and cabins
  • More privacy in each cabin
  • Superior stability
  • Safer for children (especially if safety net is installed)
  • Faster sailing
  • Shallow draft (especially useful in shallow bays)

For each vessel you can find charter price for week, basic technical information, equipment and other useful information.

Also, send fast inquiry when you find interesting vessel, and we will reply with targeted offer including all available catamarans of similar size/price.