Catamaran types

What is the right choice?

Sail, power or luxury catamarans for charter in Croatia are all great boats with distinct advantages. To choose what is best for you, think about how you will be using the boat. The good news is that all of them will take you to the remarkable cruise around stunning Croatian islands. The first important thing to think about is the budget. All catamarans in Croatia can take 10-12 persons. The only difference is how equipped and big certain catamaran is.

Sailing catamarans have many benefits

If you prefer to do longer range cruising and enjoy quiet sailing, sail catamarans are great choice.

With the good engine and optimized prop, sail catamarans can do 8-10 knots by motoring, and up to 12 knots by sailing.

They will provide comfort at sea, while not sacrificing feeling of adventure provided by sailboats.

If you just feel like laid back relaxing, you can almost forget the mast is there. But, when the conditions are good, you can open the sails and enjoy. Sailing catamarans are quiet and stable. And comparing to monohulls, they cost less per cubic ft. of volume.

List of sailing catamarans

Power catamarans

With benefits different from sail catamarans, power ones are also great boats.

Their low clearance allows cruising and docking in areas with height restrictions like bridges or power lines.

Also, catamaran powerboats gives significantly better fuel economy, range and speed while motoring, compared to monohull powerboat.

Power catamarans are less expensive to run than a sailing ones, due to the efficiency of the hull and lack of expensive sailing equipment.

These catamarans for charter in Croatia can  power cat also offers the, which is not possible under normal conditions with a trawler or sailing cat.

List of power catamarans…

Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia

Currently top trend in prestigious yachts market, luxury crewed catamaran in the right choice for.

It became quite apparent for distinguished customers interested in large luxury yachts for charter in Croatia, that crewed catamaran is the right answer to their desires.

These kind of catamarans have incomparable more space on board than regular motor yacht of the same charter price.

Each large luxury cat is designed in great detail for the most demanding customers and delivers the best in comfort, style and safety. Every yacht boasts luxurious accommodation, performance sailing, large living spaces, and extravagant and innovative design features.

List of luxury catamarans