Skippered Catamaran Charter Croatia

You plan a sailing or catamaran cruise, and have no sailing certificate or necessary skills? Then skippered catamaran charter in Croatia is the right choice. Discover stunning Croatian coastline, beautiful bays, coves and ancient towns without worrying about boat maintenance and proper functioning of the vessel.

Skipper will be in charge of driving the boat, taking care of your safety and the paperwork in marinas. He/she will also give you a lot of useful advice, answer your questions about navigation or boat functioning, and point out some interesting activities and places to visit. For many groups and families, to charter a catamaran with skipper in Split, Dubrovnik or Zadar is perfect choice.

Skippered Catamaran Charter Croatia Rent With Charter Catamaran CroatiaWhy choose skippered catamaran charter?

Catamarans are very large yachts indeed, and handling it is not an easy task. Especially if your sailing experience is not that good, or you have children on board you have to take care of. Besides, if one of your group is skippering the catamaran, that person will have much less time to enjoy the cruise, as he/she will have to look after the boat.

Another major reason is if your sailing certificate is not accepted by Croatian maritime authorities for catamaran charter Croatia. This happens often for licenses not issued by one of the European Union countries. Definitely check your license validity before coming to sail in Croatia.

Skippered catamarans are usually chosen by group of friends or families who would like to leave all the responsibility to a skipper. Even if you don’t know how to sail, sailing skills can be obtained simply by learning from our professional skipper. Sometimes we even have requests to hire a skipper by really experienced crews for regattas (when they are missing one or two crew members) or they just want to enjoy sailing without thinking about maintaining a catamaran.

Skippers in Croatia
We only work with really experienced and highly motivated professional skippers. They are mainly Croatians who speak other languages, but we also hire foreigners from variety of countries. Almost all of the skippers are freelancers, and they are registered with Croatian maritime authorities.  Some of them are more experienced, possibly even former regatta sailors, and they generally charge more than regular captains. They are known for perfect navigational and sailing skills, and we are also determent to engage solely easy going and the highly motivated individuals, with a friendly personality. Local knowledge of geography, culture and history goes without saying, and we are proud to say that our crew is always up to the task of being real ambassadors of Croatia.

Benefits of skippered catamaran charter
Skipper will take care technical functioning of the catamaran, moorings, anchoring and safety of everyone on board. They are especially useful in the high season, when ports, marinas and mooring buoys are are overcrowded and if you require a berth for the night, the skipper will know when to be at the destination to ensure one.

In case you don’t want to be in marina too early, the skipper will know alternative spots suitable for spending the night. Here, skipper’s knowledge of the winds in Croatia and spots where anchor holds will come in handy. By using a skippered catamaran charter in Croatia, the skipper will not only ensure the safety and well being of boat and crew, but he/she will also advise on best sailing routes, top restaurants and taverns, best spots to visit and in choosing the most interesting sailing route.

Sailing route choice while on skippered catamaran charter
You are chartering private catamaran, and you have freedom to choose where to go and what to do. Choose your own route and discuss it with the skipper. He will then take into consideration the weather and other elements in order to give best advice, or to alter the route a bit.

Good to know when chartering skippered catamaran charter
Due to sea and sun exposure skippering the boat is not an easy job, and skipper needs suitable place to sleep and time to rest. Generally, skipper will require private cabin, but if cabin for any reason is not available, the skipper can sleep on the salon sofa. In this case, please consider the salon his/her private area and allow the skipper enough time to sleep. This is done only in rare cases, and optimal would be to give skipper his own cabin.

Skipper will also take care of paying mooring and marina fees. Make sure that the skipper has enough money to cover the fees, or do it yourself at harbor master’s request.

Food and provisions
When hiring a skipper, it is required to provide him with three proper meals a day and enough water to drink. If you cook on board of a catamaran, he or she will eat what you cook. When going out for lunch or dinner, you can invite the skipper to join you or he can go and eat by himself and you can cover the bill later.

Skipper wage
Skipper fee range from 150 – 250 € + food (depending on how experienced skipper is). Payment of skipper will be done in base marina during your check-in.

What I have to do to book a skipper for my catamaran?
When filling the inquiry form or send us a message, just tick “Skipper” box, and we will include skipper wage in our offer.

How to book?
If you already chose whether you would like to start your catamaran charter in Croatia from SplitDubrovnik, Zadar or Pula marina, just send us an inquiry, and we will send our offer with all suitable catamarans. As soon as we finish the booking procedure, we will assign a skipper for your catamaran.

Security deposit on Skippered Catamaran Charter
Refundable security deposit is the amount paid before embarkation, to cover insurance policy deductible. All the  catamarans are fully insured and even with skipper on a board security deposit must be taken, if damage is caused by the crew’s fault (for example , broken cockpit table or window, cigarette burn marks or any other damage not caused by skipper).

Skipper on the other hand bears all the responsibility for the damage caused by catamaran handling and navigation. All our skippers have the skipper’s liability insurance policy which covers them to deposit amount. So you are completely safe on that side.

Security deposit can be charged on credit card (actually, it will only be reservation of funds and not actual transaction) or in cash. When catamaran is returned in marina, our technical staff will examine the yacht, and return deposit if it was paid in cash, or it will be unblocked on credit card.



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