Where to rent catamaran from?


Croatia is one of top catamaran charter destinations in the Mediterranean, and even world. There are many lovely areas where you can cruise with catamaran in Croatia, but if you are coming . We bring you top five catamaran bases in Adriatic. Our selection is based on diversity of yachts, position, connectivity, popularity and other ranking factors.

1. Trogir

Trogir is beautiful little town situated 20 km west of Split. Our catamaran charter fleet with more than 80 boats is located in the three different marinas.

  • ACI marina Trogir
  • SCT marina Trogir
  • Seget Donji marina

Entire old town of Trogir is like time capsule. Lovers of historical and cultural monuments, art and architecture will enjoy everything Trogir has to offer.  Unique romanesque historical core, Radovan’s portal, the art collections have been sparking excitement among tourists for very long time. Trogir is also very close to the airport, which makes catamaran bases even more interesting. Trogir, as starting point is ideal for visiting most popular Central Dalmatia islands like Hvar, Vis, Brač and others.

2. Šibenik Marina Mandalina

Marina Mandalina with top quality services and facilities ensures it’s place on list of top marinas in Croatia. Very quite and calm, it is pleasant for staying and for starting your week on catamaran. Small peninsula called Mandalina is couple of minutes walk from oldest town in Croatia-Šibenik, this marina will truly meet up your expectations.

It is sheltered by the peninsula from the strong northern wind Bura and safe from the southern Jugo wind. The harbor (Bay of Šibenik bay) is connected by the channel St. Ante with the open sea. If you fly in, there are two international airports suitable, Split and Zadar. Both ar 40 minuted away. Highway Zagreb – Split (popularly called “Dalmatina”) passes only 8 km north of the marina Sibenik. This marina is suitable as starting point for visiting Kornati national park.

3. Marina Dalmacija Sukošan

Located in a naturally protected bay, Marina Dalmacija is the largest marina in Croatia. Close to the ancient port town of Zadar, marina is easily accessible by Dalmatina highway and is only 5 km far from the Zadar International Airport which is with direct flights connected to major European cities.
Only a stone’s throw away from the fabulous islands, it is located in the center of this most interesting and beautiful coastline. Natural gateway opens opportunities to explore one of the best catamaran cruising areas in the world.
With safe and fully serviced berths, excellent repair services and maintenance, Marina Dalmacija ensures opportunity to relax and enjoy the perfection of this archipelago, and peace of mind for all its visitors.

4. Marina Kaštela

It is situated on the south east side of Kaštela Bay, Marina Kaštela is a newly built marina in Croatia. The bay is shielded by Marjan Peninsula/Čiovo island from the south, and Kozjak Mountain from the north.
Due to its outstanding central Adriatic geographical position, this marina is a safe harbor for charter catamarans. It is well connected to neighboring Spit and Trogir by a network of state roads and motorways, but is also close to Split airport. Also suitable as starting point for Hvar, Vis, Šolta etc.

5. ACI marina Dubrovnik

Although it is fairly small marina with limited catamaran offer, ACI Dubrovnik is perfect starting point if you like to visit islands like Korčula, Lastovo and Mljet national park. Not to mention that it gives you opportunity to enjoy Dubrovnik for couple of days prior to embarking on your lovely catamaran cruise.

Marina Dalmacija Sukosan
Mandalina Marina Sibenik
ACI Marina Dubrovnik